Arranging Cremation for Departed Loved Ones With Funeral Homes in Bel Air

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Funeral Homes in Bel Air help families make necessary arrangements after a loved one has passed away. If the deceased person had not discussed any preferences ahead of time, the bereaved relatives might be unsure whether to choose burial or cremation. Cremation uses extreme heat to reduce the body to the basic elements in the form of ashes. Many people prefer this over burial because they want to distribute the deceased person’s ashes in an appropriate place, such as over a waterway or from a mountain that this individual loved. Others want to keep the ashes in an urn in a sacred place at home. Another option would be having the urn placed in a mausoleum.

Families also often choose cremation because it is financially practical. The full cost of a funeral that includes embalming of the body, the casket and all other details tends to be very expensive. Not everyone can afford this, and even many of those who can afford it still prefer the less expensive option.

It’s also acceptable to bury an urn containing ashes after cremation. The urn is placed in a vault for burial. Families may prefer this if they want to visit a burial spot in a cemetery. They may like the idea of placing flowers at a gravestone, for example. This decision can be suitable for relatives who don’t want a viewing or a wake with the body in a casket. They can still have a memorial service but may feel uncomfortable with the body being on display. Another consideration is that purchasing a cremation burial plot costs less than a full plot because it takes up less space. Funeral Homes in Bel Air can arrange for the cremation and burial of the urn as well as for the memorial service.

Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services can show families a large variety of urns; being able to select one that is most appealing is especially important if the container will be displayed. Urns can be engraved or have a plaque attached. Anyone who needs to learn more about cremation may visit the website for more details.

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