Assessing and Controlling the Fort Collins Livestock Risks for Your Ranch

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2019


As a farmer or rancher, you bank on making a profit each season. You have to predict how commodities like beef and corn will sell months before you actually take them to market.

Because of how busy you are, you do not have time to keep up with the commodities markets and prices for grains, livestock, and other agricultural products. By consulting with a professional Fort Collins livestock risk management team, you can minimize the risk you take each season with your beef cattle and maximize the profits each time that you sell them at auction.

Analysis of Your Livestock

Raising livestock that will sell for top dollar at market requires your utmost attention. You spend each day and night feeding your cattle the best grain and silage. You also make it your responsibility to be sure they have plenty of fresh water to drink during all types of weather.

Beyond these factors, however, you have little control over how large your cattle grow. Much of their size and bulk depends on genetics, which you sometimes cannot find out about when you buy steers and heifers at auction.

With livestock risk management, you can get an assessment and analysis of how well your cattle might sell at auction weeks and months in the future. The analysts can inspect your herd and give an approximate valuation of the price you could get once you take your livestock to the auction house.

Feeding Margins Analysis

You also have to mitigate the risk of feeding your cattle throughout the year. Feed is expensive to buy and grow.

You have to ensure that the grain and silage that you feed to your livestock will be worth the investment. The livestock risk management team can give feed margin analysis for you.

You can find out more about risk mitigation for livestock online. Contact Compass Ag Solutions in Fort Collins at

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