Assessing Concepts Associated With A Product’s Liability Case With A Personal Injury Attorney In Lincoln, CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2016


In California, personal injury claims provide an avenue for victims of product’s liabilities to seek compensation. These claims allow them to gain their day in court and present their case to a judge and jury. They help them make the public aware of hazards that could present more injuries in the future. A personal injury attorney in Lincoln, CA paves the way for these victims.

Did the Product Have a Warning Label?

Under federal law, all manufacturers who know of risks presented by their products must affix warning labels on these products. They must identify the conditions that could produce these injuries. If they fail to provide a warning label, they are accountable for any injuries that are produced. This failure indicates that the manufacturer was aware of the risks and didn’t take the necessary steps to protect consumers.

How Great Was the Risk to Consumers?

Product testing determines how great of a risk the product presented to consumers. It also determines if the risk was present in the design used to manufacture the product. Any significant risk to consumers should have led to modifications to prevent injuries. Products that present a serious risk to consumers and were released in this condition could present gross negligence. These circumstances could open up the opportunity for a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer if further victims exist.

When Did the Error or Flaw Occur?

The moment that the error, flaw, or risk was produced could indicate a further liability. Its origin defines who is liable exactly. If the design itself was flawed, the designer is at fault as well as the manufacturer. If the product becomes damaged during production, the point in which the damage occurred should be identified.

In California, personal injury claims allow victims to seek monetary awards to help them cover their expenses. This includes their initial treatment after the event occurs as well as any ongoing treatment that is needed. In terms of product’s liabilities, the manufacturer is required to provide an award for pain and suffering as well as medical expenses. The Consumer Rights Protection Agency also helps during these cases. Victims that need help with these cases should contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Lincoln CA or visit Sevey Donahue & Talcott Law Firm for more information.

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