Assessing the Merits of Group Dental Plans in Macon, GA

Posted By : Alex , on Oct, 2014


Not all health insurance plans include provisions for basic dental care. When this is the case, the idea of looking into different types of Group Dental Plans in Macon GA, makes sense. Here are some examples of specific points to consider when evaluating the possibility of enrolling in this type of plan. Waiting PeriodsSome Group Dental Plans in Macon GA, require that all enrolled parties go through a waiting period. That period may be anywhere between three to six months.

Other plans have no waiting period at all. If an employer is securing the plan as a benefit for his or her employees, it is a good idea to go with one that will allow full access to the benefits sooner rather than later. DeductiblesIt is important to identify which dental services are covered in full and which ones require some sort of deductible. Do not make assumptions about the out of pocket expense a group member will need to provide at the time services are rendered. For example, it helps to verify that the plan completely covers the cost of one full examination per calendar year. At the same time, if the patient will have to tender some sort of co-pay or be prepared to manage a deductible for a tooth extraction, it helps to know that before enrolling in the plan.

In and Out of Network CostsMany dental plans offer greater coverage when group members use dental professionals who are in the network. That works just fine as long as those members happen to be in the local area. Should an employee be traveling and need emergency dental care, it helps to know what the plan will and will not cover for those out of network procedures.

For employers who frequently send employees on business trips, this is a major element to consider. For those interested in the idea of group dental coverage, contact the professionals at Stone Insurance Agency Inc, and learn more about the plans available. After discussing specific needs with an agent, it will be possible to identify a plan that will serve all the group members well.

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