Attorneys As Motivators

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2016


Many times people who are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) seem to never quite finish the application process.  Not only may they have been in physical pain, but being disabled takes a toll on a person both financially and emotionally.  That is why it is even more important to consult an attorney.  They can help you get back on the right path and get that applications together, but also make sure you get all the benefits you are entitled to, which will give you a much more positive outlook on your life and your future.

Where to start if you are disabled

It could be that you know you have a disability claim that you filed with the SSA but you have never seen a doctor.  Once you consult with an attorney, they can help direct you to the right doctors and start gathering the documentation you will need.  Your settlement when all is done will be retroactive back to the time of your original date of filing.  In many ways, your attorney will be almost a coach in your case, helping your through the pitfalls, keeping you going through the rough patches and improving the quality of your life.  That is how you win social security in New York.

How does Your Attorney get paid?

Reputable Social Security attorneys generally take cases on a contingency basis.    They do not get paid unless they win a settlement and then they get paid a certain percentage of that.  The best attorneys are the ones who truly want the best for their clients even if it means there is no financial gain for them.  If they can get you the medical help you need and it enables you to return to work, that would make them happy.  If what you deserve are medical and financial benefits, they will fight to get those for you as well. Contact Law Office of Attorney Daniel Berger at for more details.

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