Auto Gauge Repairs in Tucson AZ When Speedometers Malfunction

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2017


Auto Gauge Repairs in Tucson AZ become necessary when the speedometer does not work properly. The speedometer is one of the most important dashboard gauges. It tells the driver how fast the vehicle is moving, which is essential for staying within posted speed limits.

A Typical Scenario

Most commonly, the speedometer needle starts fluctuating between speeds relatively far apart when it should be giving a relatively steady reading. It might make noises as the needle essentially shakes or vibrates instead of staying in place. Sometimes it drops to zero while the vehicle is moving, then rebounds a minute or two later. Eventually, it may quit working at all.

The Odometer Connection

The speedometer also works in tandem with the odometer, the device that keeps track of vehicle mileage. When the speedometer malfunctions, so does the odometer. A speedometer that only works sporadically or not at all does not track mileage correctly. That results in a lower-than-accurate mileage reading. This is a legal issue when eventually selling the car because an inaccurate report of the mileage is fraud.

Vehicle Changes That Cause Speedometer Issues

Oddly enough, certain types of repair work and modifications to vehicles can make speedometer readings, and thus mileage tracking, incorrect. Adjustments can be made by a shop that does Auto Gauge Repairs in Tucson AZ. For example, transmission work can lead to an incorrect speed indication, since the gauge is connected to the transmission.

Even switching to a different wheel and tire size can cause this problem since larger tires cover more of the road in each cycle than smaller ones do. The vehicle manufacturer originally calibrated the speedometer for a certain size of tire, but the owner may want bigger wheels and tires for a smoother ride or a different aesthetic effect. Auto gauge technicians can recalibrate the device.

Repairs or Replacement

Depending on the problem, the vehicle owner might just want to have the speedometer fixed or adjusted, or might want an entirely new one installed. The point of the new installation usually is to modify the appearance of the dash. Technicians at a business such as Dick’s Speed-O-Tach can install gauges separately or in clusters to make the interior of the vehicle look significantly different.

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