Avoid a Lockout With These Tips or Call a Safe Service in Floral Park NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


As unfortunate as they are, lockouts happen from time to time. While most are simply inconvenient, at times, they can be life-threatening. To avoid the frustration of being locked out of the home or business, follow these tips on lock and Safe Service in Floral Park NY.


It’s one of the simplest ways to avoid being locked out, but it’s surprising how many people forget to double-check that they have their keys before leaving home or work. Try setting a phone reminder or hang the keys close to the door so they’re the last thing seen upon leaving.

Have a Spare Key

Many people don’t have spare keys for their houses and cars. To prevent lockouts in this way, visit a locksmith who can make spare keys from the original key. Once the spares are made, be sure to keep them separate from the originals to avoid locking both sets in at the same time.

Consider Smart Locks

When home and business owners need an easy way in, adopting a new, ultramodern security feature may be the way to go. With a smart lock, all the user has to do is memorize a password and enter it when they need access. No more lost keys and no more hassle!

Leave a Key With a Neighbor

Good fences make good neighbors, but when that neighbor has a spare key, they can be a real lifesaver. Whether it’s for a home or an office, leaving a spare key with a neighbor is an easy way to avoid a lockout or mitigate its effects.

Have a Locksmith On Call

As with other things in life, with locks, forewarned is forearmed. A lockout can happen at any time, but knowing how to call for Safe Service in Floral Park NY will save a great deal of effort and time. Having a locksmith on call is cost-effective, as many charge existing clients a reduced fee.

Don’t Get Locked Out, Call Today

There are few things more irritating than being locked out of the home or office. However, there’s no need to panic. For help with home, business, safe, and car lockouts, call the friendly, knowledgeable locksmiths at Able Lock Shop today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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