Avoiding Common Mistakes When Landscaping in Weston, CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2016


Landscaping in Weston CT is used to provide the homes in the area with the greatest amount of curb appeal possible. A good landscape designer also focuses on creating something that is appealing and functional to the owners and easy for them to maintain. When homeowners decide to landscape around their homes, they must consider more than just what they want, but what is suitable for their life and their neighborhood.

Consider the Homeowners

Time and budget are important for homeowners to factor into a design. It is not just the cost of establishing the landscape, but the expense of maintaining it each year. Property owners must use their own budget for the guide and remember that the daily and weekly needs of weeding, pruning and watering and fertilization may require additional help if their schedule is full. The cost of paying someone to tend the yard is in addition to what all the materials and tools needed for the task will cost.

Remember the Neighbors

An edgy or modern landscape complete with lighting, statues, and water features may be unappreciated in a conservative neighborhood. People should have homes and yards that appeal to them, but over-the-top designs risk alienating neighbors and reducing the resale potential of the home. Some neighborhoods have restrictions too, so it is important to be aware of these before beginning any projects.

Protect the Environment

Landscaping in Weston CT requires using plants, grasses, and flowers that will survive the warm summers and cold winter weather. Choosing materials that require excessive care to keep them alive could become a burden to the neighborhood if it means overusing water resources or risk erosion or strip the soil of too many nutrients. Invasive plants may take over neighboring yards and risk the well-being of native plants.

Because of the many risks and details involved it is advisable for homeowners to consult with experts like Northeast Horticultural Services. Their staff has the knowledge to avoid common mistakes and prevent unhappy results. In addition, they also provide maintenance services to assist homeowners with the long-term care of their landscaping once it is in place. Visit the website to learn more about the company or to schedule a consultation.

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