Basement Crack Repair in Maryland Can Protect Your Home’s Foundation

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If you walk into your basement and notice a crack in the wall or the flooring, you will be worried and you may be unsure of what to do. Basement crack repair in Maryland is available to help you with any type of foundation problems that may arise. Your basement serves as a sound structural support for your home and when it becomes damaged, you face the possibility of your home becoming damaged.

What Causes Basement Cracks?

Basement cracks are caused for a couple of different reasons. The two main reasons include too much pressure from the soil surrounding your home and foundation settlement.

When the soil underneath your home becomes too soft, the ground will begin to shift slightly or a lot, depending on how soft the soil actually is. The result of the shifting foundation is the cracks that you are seeing on the walls and floors.

The soil around your home can cause cracks on the walls when the pressure in the soil is too high. As more rain and water are added to the soil, the pressure raises and this places stress on your home’s walls. The cracks are a result of the home trying to relieve some of that pressure.

What Is the Solution?

Basement crack repair in Maryland is the solution to your problem. The exact repair that you need will depend on the reason that the cracks are there and what is causing them. In severe cases, your home may need foundation piers to transfer the home’s foundation. These piers will stabilize the foundation of your home and keep it from sinking into the ground.

Another solution is wall reinforcements. This is needed when the walls of your home are bowing in due to the pressure placed on them. The reinforcements prevent the wall from actually caving in.

Lastly, an epoxy injection may be needed to prevent any water from getting into your basement. Water that leaks in through the cracks provides the opportunity for mold to form. The epoxy injection waterproofs the crack.

Call a Foundation Specialist Today

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