Basic Maintenance for In-ground Swimming Pools in Long Island NY

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Dec, 2015


Swimming pools in Long Island NY are gaining popularity as ways to have fun in the sun. These water-filled containers also offer pool users a way to participate in water-based activities and therapeutic exercises. Over time, weather conditions, improper care, and misuse of chemicals can lead to a pool’s deterioration. To sustain the longevity and functionality of a pool, implement the following tips.

When a pool is first installed, develop a maintenance routine. This upkeep does not have to be elaborate. However, it does not have cover the pool’s essential needs to facilitate a sanitary swimming environment. It’s helpful to divide pool duties so one person won’t have to perform all the tasks. Make a checklist to keep track of pool chores. Some of these duties will be done on a set basis and others will be done intermittently as needed. Have an ample supply of pool tools and chemicals available to do upkeep easily and efficiently.

First, purchase a pool skimmer. This is a long pole with an attached net. Many pool owners use a telescopic pole. This tool allows different attachments. Skim the pool about two to three times a week. This will keep an accumulation of dead bugs, debris, and toys from forming on the pool’s floor. A buildup of items and refuse can damage the pool’s circulation system. It can also make it easier for waterborne bacteria to thrive.

About twice a month, scrub the pool. Use an appropriate tool for this task. Harsh bristles can harm some materials in a pool. Scrub the sides and bottom of the pool. This will help prevent a buildup of algae and calcium deposits. Next, use a manual or automatic vacuum to remove these substances from the pool. Use overlapping strokes with a manual vacuum to prevent missing spots. In addition, check the water level of the pool. Use a garden hose to fill the pool above the level of the strainer baskets.

By using these suggestions, a pool owner can increase the efficiency of a pool’s elements and enhance pool sanitation. For more information on Swimming Pools in Long Island NY, please Visit us to talk to a specialist. Sky Blue Pools can handle the repair, maintenance, upgrade, and renovation of swimming pools so pool owners will have a swimming pool they love.

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