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Planning an event like a banquet takes a lot of patience. It is not easy to work around deadlines and get everything right. Here are a few tips for planning a beautiful event. First, make a list of everything that must be done. This includes finding a venue, sending invitations and making reservations. All vendor agreements should be in writing and signed by all the parties. Payment deadlines and cancellation policies should be included. Next, the purpose of the banquet helps determine the venue. If the banquet is for a retirement, an elegant facility would be suitable. On the other hand, a banquet for a family reunion should be a little kid-friendly.

A banquet hall in New Lenox, IL should be clean and tidy. Make a list of possible venues and visit the website. However, a site visit is always necessary. Indeed, walk around the facility and get a feel for the space. It should look appropriate for the event. Also, it should be able to accommodate all the guests. Nothing ruins an event more than a too-small space. People feel cramped like sardines. It is better that the space be too big. That is because guests will be comfortable. Additionally, a good decorator can hide the extra space. The planner should make sure the facility is equipped for disabled guests. Likewise, the facility should have plenty of restrooms and parking. No one wants their guests to have to ride around looking for a parking space. If they are not local, they could get lost.

Food is very important at a banquet hall in New Lenox, IL. Most venues have specific caterers that are used. The ideal caterer prepares food to meet different dietary needs. They will also set up a full tasting. This allows the planner to sample things and plan the menu. Normally, the caterer provides the table linens, china, and crystal. Also, they have their own people to serve as wait staff and bartenders. Finally, check with the hall about other needed items. Most facilities rent podiums, microphones, sound systems, and televisions. Doing your research and planning ahead makes for very successful events.

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