Benefits of a Green Air Hand Dryer

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2016


Investing in a quality air hand dryer is one of the guaranteed ways of maintaining a high level of hygiene in your business premises or home. There is no shortage of brands on the market, so finding one that best suits your needs and preferences will not be a problem. The best varieties in the market are made using the latest technology and are environmentally friendly.

Here are some of the benefits and reasons why you should purchase an air hand dryer that is environmentally friendly.

Economical on Power

Virtually all the hot air hand dryers rely on electricity to function. An environmentally friendly dryer is economical on power. The engineers work smart and hand to incorporate certain features that reduce the amount of power that the dryer uses without compromising its functionalism. To know if your preferred dryer fits this description, check the specifications or consult the customer support team at the store.


This is another major reason why you should consider purchasing an environmentally friendly dryer. They are made from high-quality parts that are durable. That is, they can last for decades without breaking down or showing signs of wear. However, you need to heed to the maintenance instructions provided by the company in the user’s manual to get maximum utility from it.


Apart from promoting environmental wellness, the best air hand dryer in the market today is user-friendly. You do not need any prior experience to operate it as they have a simple design. However, if you have never operated this kind of a dryer, it is recommendable to check the user’s manual as simple mistakes can compromise its functionalism.


Different dryers have varying price tags. You need to evaluate the prices to find one that best fits your budget. Nevertheless, most of the environmentally friendly dryers are affordable. Despite the fact that you might find the prices are a bit higher than that of the conventional models, the long-term benefits surpass the initial cost. In addition, be on the lookout for discounts offered by air dryer suppliers to save money.

Indeed, investing in a green air hand dryer is one of the guaranteed ways of promoting environmental wellness.
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