Benefits of Choosing Boom Lift Rental to Buying

Posted By : admin , on Feb, 2015


If you are a contractor dealing with construction of buildings, you understand the importance of having a boom lift. This type of forklift is much needed especially in the construction of high-rise buildings, to access areas of the building that are not easily accessible particularly when you are doing finishing or other kinds of repairs. If you require it in your work, then you have two options: you can buy it or consider going for Boom Lift Rental in Harrisburg PA.

Boom lift rentals are gaining popularity due to the many advantages attached to them. Many people are preferring renting a boom lift to buying due to the following reasons:

Maintenance expenditure

Owning a lift machine means that you will have to incur maintenance cost in order to keep in the right shape. When it comes to renting, maintenance and repair costs are covered in your agreement. Therefore, you will not need to hire a mechanic or go to a repair shop. It is the responsibility of the rental service to ensure that that the boom lift is well maintained and if there is any repair needed, they will make sure that is done within the shortest time possible to save your precious time.

State of the art machines

With boom rentals, you have a choice to get the latest lifts in the market that are efficient in service delivery. That means that you will be able to complete your in time. On the other hand, if you own a lift machine it will not be feasible for you to change it for the latest innovation easily.


It calls for some expense if you own the machine as it will be your responsibility to store it safely. In addition to this, it is also your responsibility to tow it to the place where you need it for work or storage. If you have elected to rent a boom lift, the rentals service will be responsible for towing it to the desired location on a timely basis.

If you are running a construction business or are constructing your high rise building, consider renting a boom lift instead of buying one. Slaymaker Group provides the best Boom Lift Rental in Harrisburg PA as well as other equipment rentals.

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