Benefits Of Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


When a person is remodeling their home or building a new home, they need to make many decisions. One of these decisions is the material that they are going to use for the ceiling. The most common material used is plaster. Before a homeowner chooses plaster for their ceilings, they should consider all the advantages of Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY.

Tin Ceilings Make the Home Stronger

Plaster ceilings can rot, crack, and absorb moisture. This can result in mold growth in the ceiling, which can be very damaging to the home. Tin ceilings are impervious to all of these things. Because they don’t rot, crack, or absorb moisture, they can essentially make the home stronger.

Variety of Styles

Tin ceilings come in a variety of styles. They come in many different designs, allowing the homeowner to choose the best ceiling to fit in with the style of the home. Tin ceilings also come in many finishes, such as polished, bare, and powder coated. It the homeowner wants to paint the tin ceiling, they can do that as well.

Low Maintenance

Tin ceilings are very low maintenance. It is not uncommon for plaster ceilings to crack over time. When this happens, the homeowner would need to call a professional to sand the ceiling and repaint it. Tin ceilings won’t crack. The only maintenance required would be an occasional dusting.

Fire Resistant

If there is a fire in a home with plaster ceilings, it doesn’t take long for the fire to quickly spread across the ceiling and engulfing the entire house in flames. Tin ceilings have a much higher resistance to fire than plaster ceilings. If there is a fire, it won’t spread across the ceiling which can save the house.

Easy Installation

Tin ceilings are much easier to install than plaster ceilings. Because it is less time consuming to install tin ceilings, the homeowner can cut back on the cost of the labor fees.

When it comes to choosing a ceiling material for a home, the homeowner should consider Tin Ceiling Installation Long Island NY. For more information, contact Abingdon Construction.

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