Best Drain Cleaning Services That Will Clear A Blocked Sewer Line

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2020


There is a high probability that homes built before the 80s have a blocked sewer line. Over the years, grease and debris tend to stick to the sewer line and, eventually, form a blockage of the sewer line. Tree roots are relentless in pursuing an entrance to the line to get moisture and nutrients the trees need. After finding an opening in the line, the roots will grow into a clog which completely blocks the line. The house drain may appear to be slow in the beginning, but eventually the drain is the source of a terrible back up that can cause damage to your home.

Modern plumbing technology has replaced the plumber’s snake which required a labour intensive process that never completely cleared the line. Power ridding was developed as an alternative to snakes, and the St Louis best drain cleaning services is experienced to use this equipment. This system uses a flexible metal cable that runs into the drain line with very sharp teeth installed in the cleaning head at the end of the cable. An electric motor rotates the cleaning head which is sized to fit the diameter of the line. The motor will rotate the cleaning head at high rpms. This powerful rotation of the blades will destroy any blockage and clean any tree roots that may be protruding into line. Power ridding will also clean the line of years of accumulated sludge. The line is completely clear when the root pieces and the sludge are washed into the main drain.

A video camera can be used to detect the problems in the line before work begins, but the line may be backed up to the extent that the blockage cannot be seen. Power ridding will let the water drain so any problems can be identified. One of the problems that cause a back up is a broken sewer line resulting from rust, ground movement, or a number of roots which broken up the line. Power ridding may be able to clear a line, but the video camera will show how badly the line has been damaged.

The homeowner should never use harsh chemicals in any drain line because these products can do damage to the lines. Consult with St Louis Best Drain Cleaning Services if you want to use a cleaner. However, the best cleaner is the experienced plumber. To know more visit online at Classic Aire Care

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