Brownies….WHAT A TREAT!!

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Bakeries


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There is nothing Americans love more than a tasty nutty melt in your mouth brownie. These amazing treats were made to give you the amazing taste of fudge with a touch of softness of a cake. There is nothing like having a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream and some warm brownies. Atlanta has bakeries that will tell you how to make the perfect brownie.

Where to get the perfect brownie

When it comes to brownies, Atlanta has the recipe locked away where you can only taste it in their finest bakeries. When most people think of brownies they picture the cover of the Pillsbury Doughboy box of stretchy goodness. These boxes rarely deliver on their promise of the gooey delicious products that are advertised on the box. The reason is, they give you products that are produced in a factory and sold on shelves where they sit for months at a time. As amazing as that picture is there is no love put into it like how a brownie chef does in a bakery. That love and attention to detail is what makes the best of all brownies. Atlanta has the most impressive pastry chefs in the United States of America. These amazing culinary geniuses study for years the proper ways to bake and create tasty treats.

Some come from around the world to express their way of making brownies. Atlanta may have chefs from places you have never even heard of. This makes visiting and living there a treat in and of itself. The lengths to which some pastry chefs will do for their desserts is the difference between a store bought mixture, and the deliciousness of a gooey delectable melty brownie from a world class establishment.

What will you try

Some of these places have many different types of brownies. Atlanta even has a world class bakery that adds a touch of cream cheese that explodes with flavor, adds extra goodies, and even gives it a softer and lighter bite. These amazing brownies are without nuts, due to the fact that nuts would take away from the texture and the effect of the bite. Some people have given up their idea of what a brownie can be simply because they haven’t yet experienced how perfect a brownie can be from an Atlanta bakery.

The difference between brownies in Atlanta and other states are, these pastry chefs always ask, what can I add? This type of thinking always adds to increasing the culinary world of limitations. That is why when you put your mind and heart to your baked goods, anything can happen.

For more information about browines please visit the website and have your treat today.

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