Building Materials And Decks In Islip NY

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


Homeowners who want new Decks in Islip NY have to decide which type of material they want contractors to use to build the decks. There are two primary choices for homeowners interested in decks: wood and composite. The majority of decks that are built are made with wood. The low cost of wood decks compared to composite decks seem to make wood decks more popular. A composite deck can have initial costs that are twice as much as a wood deck. For example, a treated wood deck might cost $5,000 in materials alone, but a composite deck might cost over $10,000 for just materials. Labor also has to be factored into the equation. Fortunately, most contractors offer free quotes for Patios so it’s easy for homeowners to figure out how much deck they can afford.

People who are in the market for new Decks in Islip NY shouldn’t just concern themselves with upfront costs. They should consider what will happen years down the line when maintenance becomes a concern. A wood deck has to be treated every couple years. Staining a wood deck is a labor-intensive process that many homeowners hire contractors to do. Wood decks also have to be stripped and sanded every five years or so. After about 10 years of owning a wooden deck, it’s easy for a homeowner to have spent over $4,000 maintaining it. On the other hand, composite decks require very little maintenance and are quite durable. The higher initial investment gives homeowners more peace of mind throughout the many years that they own their decks.

Understand that there are a number of variations under the wood and composite categories. Wood from different trees will give different looks. Cedar is a popular choice for wooden decks. People also seem to like treated wood. Under the composite category, people can find vinyl decks and decks that are made from PVC. Before deciding on a material for a deck, a homeowner should look at pictures of a lot of decks to see which material is truly preferred. Going by cost alone can force a person to make a choice that might not be the best one for the circumstances. Check out here.

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