Calling A Company To Do Tree Services in Norwich CT

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


When there is a need to move a small tree from one property to another, calling a business that handles tree services in Norwich, CT is best. If a homeowner tries to move a tree on their own, they risk having it die due to shock if conditions are not perfect. Here are some of the steps a tree service would take to ensure the tree adapts to its new habitat.

The New Property Would Be Evaluated

A tree service will take a look at the property where the tree will be moved to determine the best location for its new home. The soil will need to be similar in nutrient content and the area selected should not have a lot of competition from other plants for moisture or sunlight. It will also be necessary to pick out a spot away from septic systems, wells, and electrical lines.

The Property Would Be Prepared

The tree service will dig a hole to fit the tree. The work will most likely be done in the late fall or winter time as moving a tree when it is dormant will minimize the risk of it going into shock. The hole will be filled with water, and a tarp may be used to cover it, so it does not turn into ice if temperatures are hovering around or below freezing.

The Tree Will Be Moved Quickly

After the new property is prepared, the tree will be dug from the ground. The tree service will do their best to keep as many roots intact as possible. The roots will be covered with a piece of wet burlap to help the tree retain moisture as it is transported to the new property. It will then be placed in the hole, the dirt will be replaced, and mulch will be placed around the base to help in moisture retention.

When there is a desire to move a tree, contacting a tree services in Norwich, CT is necessary.

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