Calling a Repair Technician for Air Conditioning Services in Washington State

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jul, 2018


When the summer weather and other periods of hot weather occur, property owners want to ensure their air conditioning units are running at top efficiency. There is nothing worse than turning on an air conditioning unit in the midst of summer and finding out it doesn’t work, thus homeowners should be aware of trouble signs. A contractor that repairs Air Conditioning Services in Washington State knows how uncomfortable it can be to be caught off-guard by a malfunctioning air conditioner. Here are some of the signs that homeowners need to watch out for.

Trouble Signs to Watch for with Air Conditioners

The most obvious sign that indicates the need for an air conditioning contractor is when the unit is not cooling or not cooling enough. The unit may be in need of refrigerant, have some obstruction in the ductwork, or have some other fault that is causing it to not cool as it should. Another sign to watch out for is when the unit is making strange noises and the noises are not coming from the ductwork. It could be a squealing belt or something that is loose in the unit.

More Signs to Watch Out for with Air Conditioners

If the air conditioning unit suddenly won’t turn on at all, it could be an electrical malfunction in the system, or it may be a breaker that is causing the issue. If resetting the breaker doesn’t fix the problem, something inside the breaker box may need to be replaced, but an air conditioning repair contractor will be able to tell for sure. If the air conditioner is very old, it may very well need to be replaced.

Finding A Contractor in Whatcom County

When a homeowner decides to call a contractor for air conditioning issues, websites can be researched online that will offer good contractors. LaVergne’s Plumbing Heating is a contractor in the Whatcom County area that provides plumbing, heating, and air conditioning repair services for customers. If a potential customer is in need of a contractor for Air Conditioning Services, the contractor is available. For more information, visit the website at

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