Calling for Sand Blasting in Connecticut

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2019


A lot of business applications need someone to come in and do sandblasting, for example, to smooth, clean, or even out surfaces. Such applications that use sandblasting can create the effect of a smooth, polished surface that customers are seeking, such as might be gained by using sandpaper. A monument is making business also delves in sand blasting in Connecticut and offers the services to any customers who are in need of the sandblasting. Here is a look at some of the various materials that are used in the sandblasting process, according to the customer’s needs.

Sandblasting Materials for Various Applications

Traditionally, the term sandblasting was used because of sand being the original material that was used to perform the process, although silica sand is not recommended for actual use (due to health hazards). The types of materials used are vast, such as baking soda, aluminum oxide, glass beads, and silicon carbide. What a customer would need depends on the job being done, such as for etching purposes, paint removal from fiberglass, stripping wood, or cleaning rust from metal.

More about Sandblasting Applications

The professional who will do the sandblasting will advise the customer of the proper grit size for the job that needs to be done, such as the higher grit size for finer applications, and the lower grit size for the coarser applications. If the customer is unsure of how a particular size will affect the job that the grit is used on, the professional may be able to supply some samples of previous work that has been completed. This ensures that the customer will get close to what is desired, if not an exact duplication.

A Sandblaster in Connecticut

When a customer is ready to get sandblasting done in Ohio, there will be many businesses that offer the services throughout the state. Shelley Brothers Monuments deal in making monuments and memorials but also offers sandblasting services for customers in the Guildford, Connecticut area. If any customers are in need of Sand Blasting in Connecticut, the monument maker is available. The people at the company invite interested parties to contact us for more information.

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