Can Bunion Surgery in Edison NJ Ease Your Pain?

Posted By : admin , on Jul, 2014


If you experience pain at the base of your big toe, you may be suffering from a bunion. You may have the beginning signs of this condition and not even be aware of it. While doctors are not completely sure about the cause of bunions, they feel that very few cases are genetic in nature and that most are caused by wearing ill fitting shoes, particularly very pointed shoes and high heels.

A bunion is a protrusion at the base of the big toe. This is caused by a problem with the bone of the toe joint or from swelling of the bursa sac at the base of the toe. The area can become red, inflamed and quite sore for some people. Others may not have any of these signs, but instead see their largest toe beginning to turn inwards towards the other toes.

This can become severe when left untreated, even to the point of overlapping the other toes, as if they are crossed. This can leave you unable to walk without pain, or unable to wear certain shoes. The pressure from high heels putting your weight forward, into pointed toes has made this problem even more common than it once was.

If the problem is caught early, the Foot & Ankle Specialists of NJ may be able to offer you help without surgery. There are some exercises, gel inserts and braces that can help to correct the problem if it is slight. Once it has become worse, surgery is the only option for some. Since the feet are such a complex structure and require so much use, Bunion Surgery Edison NJ is often a last resort. Even with surgery, you may have to wear wide width shoes to be free from pain. Foot surgery is also one that requires some time off of your feet to recover.

By having any issue you are having with your feet checked by professionals, they will be better able to diagnose the problem and get you started on correcting it. If Bunion Surgery Edison NJ is what you need, you want to be sure you have it done by an experienced surgeon that has done a great number of these surgeries. Your feet are much too important to guess at what your problem may be. It is best to kick off those high heels and let those who have years of experience give you a proper diagnoses.

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