Can I Customize Breast Forms?

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Mar, 2019


While you are working with your personalized fitter, you may choose to use a customized breast prosthesis. This allows you to choose every feature you want and need in your breast prosthesis. Breast prostheses are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and skin tones. They can be symmetrical which means designed to work on either side of your body, or asymmetrical meaning they are designed only for the right or left side.

Breast forms can be made out of different materials such as silicone, fiberfill, or foam. Breast forms are made for a variety of uses, including swimming and active wear.

The perfect breast form should feel like a normal breast and fit well. It will also help boost your confidence. Finding the perfect breast form includes finding the shape, color, and material that fits your needs.


Your customizable breast forms can come in many shapes. Teardrop, oval, and triangular forms are the most popular. Your certified fitter can help you determine if you want fuller or more natural looking breasts.

Certain shapes can help with different needs, as well. The teardrop shape works well for those who have had some underarm tissue removed. It has a wing that can extend toward the underarm to give an effortless appearance. The triangular shape works well under post-surgery bra that has pockets, or even regular bras.


Customizable breast forms allow you to match the form to your skin tone giving it a seamless appearance. Finding a shade that matches your skin tone can help to boost your confidence. Along with the shade of your breast prosthesis, there is an option to add the appearance of a nipple on your customized form. Many women like this feature as it helps the prosthetic feel and look more natural.


Fiberfill or foam are lightweight breast forms. These are great if your body is not ready for weighted breast forms. These fit well under any bra with or without a pocket.

Silicone is the most common material used for breast forms as it is durable and has many uses. Silicone is also easy to clean and care for. Silicone breast prostheses are weighted and can give the feeling of a natural breast.

Steps to customized breast prosthesis

It is important to talk to your fitter before deciding on breast forms. Your fitter will discuss your expectations to help you determine what will work best. Your unique chest wall curves will determine the perfect breast prosthesis for your body.

After you decide to customize breast forms, you will have a personal scan session. Your fitter will apply removable stickers to your bra and torso. Then she will take some reference pictures of your torso and use a 3D scanner before sending it off to the company to create your breast forms.

Once your custom breast forms come in with your exact specifications, you will have your final fitting with your certified fitter and the same bra you had during the scanning process. Your certified fitter will ensure it fits properly and go over the care instructions.


Your personalized breast prosthesis should have a natural appearance, feel lightweight for maximum comfort, and keep cool, making it easy to wear.

The right prosthesis can help you feel confident with your appearance post-surgery. A soft form can help to provide a cushion as your incision heals, protecting your surgical scar. Breast forms can help women find their center of gravity and help prevent back pain. Lastly, a well-fitting breast prosthesis can help to hold your bra in place, so it fits securely and doesn’t irritate your tender skin.

Once you have your new custom breast prosthesis, try different bras so you can feel your most comfortable and beautiful.

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