Car Painting in Johnson County is an important auto repair specialists

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2019


When you think about auto repair, you most likely think of repairs to parts of your drivetrain or the powertrain such as transmission or engine repairs. There are also routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes. However, there are issues with the body that you need to address as well. You need to make sure your paint is in good shape. Doing so is important because paint is more than just aesthetic; it’s also protection for the body of your vehicle. The paint keeps the metal from rusting or corroding. Therefore, it needs to be maintained. If you think you need a full paint job or if you just want to change the color of your vehicle, here is how that will be done.

Repairing Your Paint

To repair your paint job, specialists will first assess the state of your paint job and how they want to move forward. They’ll also help you choose a new color. If there are other things wrong with the body of the car, you’ll first need car painting in Johnson County. For example, if the panels have already rusted, they’ll need to be sanded down until they are no longer rusty.

The experts will then sand away all of the existing paint and primer. Doing so will take it down to the bare metal. They’ll clean up all the dust and then it is time to paint your car.

Repainting Your Car

To repaint your car, the car painting in Johnson County will start with a layer of primer. This is a waterproof base layer that protects the metal and helps the paint to adhere. They’ll then lay down two or three coats of paint. Finally, they’ll follow with two or three coats of clear coat.

The entire process is pretty time-consuming, but professionals can get it done very efficiently. Like Warrensburg Collision on Facebook.

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