Caring For Hardwood Floors Nassau County

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2017


When someone has Hardwood Floors Nassau County in their home, caring for them properly is key in keeping them looking like new. There are several steps a homeowner can take to ensure their hardwood floors remain in the best of condition. Follow these simple steps in caring for flooring, so they do not sustain premature damage or wear.

Take Steps To Minimize Scratching

It is important to keep sharp objects away from hardwood flooring. When people walk across them, there is a chance they may have sharp pebbles, or debris stuck in the bottom tread of their shoes. Removing the shoes before walking across this flooring will help in eliminating the risk of scratching. When furniture is to be moved across hardwood flooring, pads should be placed underneath the pieces first, so scrapes do not occur during the moving process.

Clean Your Floors Often And Properly

A hardwood floor will require routine cleaning sessions to minimize debris which could leave the surface grungy. Failing to remove debris could also lead to scratches on the floor. Use a soft brush hand held attachment on a vacuum cleaner to remove debris easily. It is best to hold the brush portion slightly away from the floor to reduce the chance of scratching.

Polish Floors To Protect Them

Adding a wood flooring polish is necessary to help in protecting them from wear. This can be applied in a circular motion with help from a piece of microfiber cloth. The polish will dry and add a sealing layer to keep the wood from wearing. Areas, where people walk the most, will need to have a polishing treatment more often than spots underneath furniture or in corners.

When there is a need to have a company do an installation of Hardwood Floors Nassau County, hiring the right business to do the job is important. Browse site to find out more about the many flooring options available. An appointment can then be made, or a trip to the showroom can be taken. A professional will assist in the discussion of different types of flooring and to help in scheduling an appointment for an installation.

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