Caring for New Sod Delivered and Placed by Lawn Installers in Ashburn VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2018


After doing researching various kinds of grass for a residential property with no landscaping, many new homeowners decide to order sod from an organization like Premier Turf Farms in a tall fescue mix. Lawn Installers in Ashburn VA bring the sod and place it for the customers. The customers also have the option of having the product delivered and placing it themselves. The fescue mix looks lovely and thrives in this particular climate.

Special Techniques

Special techniques are used by Lawn Installers in Ashburn VA to ensure the sod is placed properly and will soon look like a lawn instead of big pieces of grass and dirt. One technique is to go over all the grass with a roller after it’s in place. This helps the sod’s soil bond with the earth underneath; soon the grass wil begin to take root there. Thorough watering should be done once every piece is set.

Establishment of Roots

The technicians provide instructions on caring for the new sod before leaving. Although it looks like an instant lawn, the sod requires some time to become established in its new home. Waiting for at least two weeks before even walking on it is best. Sod can actually fail to take root if the owners walk around on it and let the kids play ball there.

Initial Mowing and Fertilizing

However, because the grass has to be watered regularly, it may need to be mowed before then. The property owner should wait as long as is feasible, then let the grass dry out just enough for the dirt to be firm. The grass should not be allowed to start wilting, though, as that level of drought makes it vulnerable to other problems. If everyone is impatient to start using the lawn like a real yard, they can be reminded that planting grass from seed can take two whole months to become established.

The grass should be kept relatively long this first year so any visual variations in the rows are well hidden. After about a month, when the roots are fully entrenched in the ground, the grass should be fertilized. Contact us for information.

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