Carpet and Hardwood Flooring in Chicago

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Floors are an important part of a residential home for the obvious purpose of comfortable walking, but the style, color, and texture of a floor can be quite important to the overall appearance of the house itself. Hardwood floors can make a room look elegant, while carpet could make it feel cozier. Fortunately, whether you aren’t satisfied with your current floor, need repairs, or are looking for a company to help complete your hardwood flooring in Chicago, personal preferences can all be paid attention to by floor distributors and installers.

From Carpet

There are two different types of carpet fibers attached to the backing to determine the type of carpet construction. The fibers of a “loop pile” carpet are curled into loops to provide a durable and stain-resistant floor. Berber is a prime example of this carpeting, as its’ durability is suitable for heavier trafficked areas of the home. The yarn tips of the “cut pile” are (as aptly named) cut and offer a softer carpet alternative. Carpets of this backing are referred to as plush, and friere. Both are perfect options for informal rooms as they offer resilience to footprints and vacuum marks.

To Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has two different methods of construction. Engineered wood is two or more layers of wood put together to form a plank. The layers are made of differing valued pieces for maximum durability. Solid hardwood is constructed from a single piece. These floors can be sanded and finished more times than the engineered wood and praised for the ability to increase the home’s value. Click here to know more.

Repair Options

Flooding can cause water damage to the floor, and grow mold in the carpet, but through high-tech equipment methods, the flooring can be dried and cleaned. Housepets can also play a role in flooring damage, resulting in needed repair or patching. Carpeting that has become loose or wrinkled over time and use can be restretched to smooth out those hazardous issues.

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