CDL Truck Driving Jobs: Looking At Cargos

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Nov, 2019


There is a hefty demand for truck drivers. The need is increasing in a time when the movement of cargo by truck is on the rise. The variety of CDL truck driving jobs makes this an opportunity to utilize driving skills. CDL driving is not a single entity, although it does demand a specific license before sitting behind the wheel of any of its CDL-designated vehicles. The work may simply involve driving a school bus on its regular route. Alternatively, it may mean driving a transport truck on a long haul with a hazardous load or a cargo weighing over 26,001 pounds. It depends upon what class of license a driver has.

Types of Cargo Carriers

Transportation vehicles come in different sizes and styles. A flatbed trailer differs from a dry van and a refrigerated rig in numerous ways. Each type of truck is designed to carry a specific type of cargo. Driving any type of transport vehicle requires knowledge of what cargo it carries. Among the more common types of loads.

  • Basic home goods e.g., furniture, small items. These are suitable for shipping via a cube truck/van aka box/straight truck
  • Weather-sensitive goods –e.g., items negatively affected by rain, snow, and other elemental forces. These are best suited for transporting in a dry van trailer
  • Goods requiring little protection e.g., lumber, are perfect for flatbed trailers
  • Perishable goods such as fruit, vegetables, and even frozen products are CDL truck driving jobs offered to those with refrigerated trailers (reefers)
  • Livestock trucks

Other transport vehicles are designed to carry such things as toxic materials, tanks, grain, and overlarge cargo.

CDL Truck Driving Jobs

If you want a job offering security, consider truck driving. It can take you cross-country and even internationally. If you possess the right temperament and education as well as the right license, a CDL, truck driving jobs may be right for you.

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