Changing the Look of a Home With Custom Wood Windows in San Diego, CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2018


The installation of custom wood windows in San Diego, CA as part of an extensive remodeling project dramatically changes the look of a home. The new owners may appreciate the existing floor plan, but they want to upgrade many of the features and give the place an upscale yet country-living aesthetic quality.

Replacing Older Cheap Windows

The home may already have wood windows, but the products may have been on the cheap side. Now, decades after installation, they are very drafty. Hot air leaks inside during the summer and fall. Chilly air invades the house during the winter. Aside from having these windows replaced, the only solution the homeowners can think of would be to cover them in plastic for most of the year. That is an unacceptable option.

Enhanced Interior Atmosphere

Custom wood windows in San Diego, CA look great throughout the home. In the family room, with the stone fireplace, those wood frames enhance the rustic atmosphere and add to the cozy environment. Wood frames in the living room bring a sense of elegance and tradition, particularly when chosen to contrast, attractively with the hardwood flooring.

The Possibility of Major Changes

If the homeowners want a new window installed where there is not one currently, or to have an old window replaced with a bigger one, the contractor will evaluate that part of the structure to determine whether it can support this feature. A large expanse of wall typically can accommodate a bigger window or the creation of a space for a window. This can be more problematic in a small room, like a bathroom, especially depending on where that room is situated.

Exterior Cladding

Windows, as installed by a contractor such as Custom Mouldings Sash and Doors, can have metal or vinyl cladding covering the wood on the exterior of the home if the customers prefer. This has become an increasingly popular choice since those materials protect the wood and do not require maintenance to prevent deterioration. The inside of the house still boasts the beauty of natural wood that the residents truly enjoy.

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