Check Out the John Hancock Tower Observation Deck

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2020


The John Hancock Tower Observation Deck overlooks the city of Chicago and offers great drinks and great views in a safe environment amidst the COVID-19 crisis! This must-see spot advertises the latest in local drinks, from brews to cocktails, and cuisine. But be sure to experience the Observation Deck’s exciting thrill ride: Tilt! Soar through the streets of Chicago on this unique ride – not one for those afraid of heights. The Observation Deck also hosts events like Sky Yoga and their “360 Hoppy Hour” – a twenty-one and over a weekly event that offers five-dollar local beers and fun games. Both occasions have been able to re-open, even during this global pandemic. The staff at the John Hancock Tower Observation Deck works tirelessly to make sure all regulations and recommendations are followed: using approved cleaning chemicals, enforcing social distancing, limiting guest capacity, and making sure to cut the spread of germs. They also suggest that guests have safe and careful interactions with staff and other guests by wearing a face mask and monitoring their own health and staying home if they experience symptoms as well as staying six feet apart from anyone they didn’t enter the Observation Deck with. This may be a challenging time, but that’s no reason to lose sanity staying locked inside all day long. Let the problems of the day drift away with the light sound of fizzing beer and breathtaking sights. Come visit 360 CHICAGO at the John Hancock Tower Observation Deck!

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