Chin Augmentation is the Key to a Perfect Jawline

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Apr, 2019


There is one part of the face that makes a big difference in your appearance even if you may not realize it. It is the chin.

Chin augmentation in Dallas is an excellent surgical opportunity for people who think that their chin is not the right size or shape for their face. It is a popular procedure for both men and women. The surgery for chin augmentation can be used to reshape and enhance the chin area. This is accomplished using chin implants for reshaping the chin. Reshaping the chin can include reducing the size of the chin or jaw. Chin Augmentation brings the jaw into a more balanced shape with the rest of your face. A weak jaw can make the neck appear larger. It emphasizes the shape and size of a nose and can make a large nose seem much larger.

Where is the Surgery Performed?

Chin augmentation surgeries can be performed in the surgeon’s office, a hospital, or a clinic. Patients will have x-rays taken of their face and chin. The surgeon will use these x-rays to find out what part of the chin to requires correcting.

What can Chin Augmentation Fix?

Surgery for chin augmentation can improve your profile by:

  • Fixing a too small or weak chin
  • Reducing a protruding chin
  • Creating a chin that is more in line with your facial features
  • Adding length to a chin that is too small

Celebrities often use this kind of procedure to make their jaw look more proportional to their face on cameras.

Chin augmentation can be combined with other surgeries such as rhinoplasty and neck lift surgery to enhance overall facial appearance.

There are many options for people who are considering chin augmentation in Dallas. When you visit your surgeon, the doctor will advise you of the right treatment plan to meet your wants and needs.

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