Choosing a Clinic in Kihei

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


When trying to find the right Clinic in Kihei, there are several things that patients may want to consider. First, think about how convenient it is to get to the clinic. While this is not necessarily a hard and fast rule, it is always helpful to have a clinic within 20 to 30 minutes away. This reasonable distance allows patients to get to the clinic for emergency situations as well as the regular appointments and routine check-ups.

Another thing to consider when trying to select the ideal Clinic in Kihei is the menu of services. Most people today like to have a kind of “one stop shop” for their medical needs. This means that the same doctor they see for their flu treatment can be the same doctor that they go to when they need to have blood tests or when they need help in managing their anxiety. Find a clinic that has general practitioner physicians to make sure that the doctors have a wide range of training in many different areas of patient care.

Finding a good clinic also means finding the place that makes it easiest to get testing done. Some small practices do not have the capability to do all the necessary testing procedures there on site. Sometimes, tests like blood value tests must be sent out to independent laboratories for analysis. This analysis can potentially take days or even as long as weeks. However, some of the best local medical clinics are able to do at least simple tests like urinalysis and blood test analysis right there at the facility.

People always talk about bedside manner when discussing physicians, and that is simply because it really does matter. The way that a doctor treats his patients can make the difference between them being comfortable enough to seek treatment and them avoiding necessary treatment. Look for a doctor who truly relates to the patients, and also for a medical center staff that makes it easy to ask questions and interact freely. The local Wailea Medical Center & Urgent Care is here to help patients of all ages with both emergency and non-urgent care.

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