Choosing a Material for Storage Shed Kits

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2021


Storage shed kits are an excellent option when additional storage space is needed. Perhaps the most difficult question that begs to be answered is the type of material used to construct it. There are three basic materials commonly used for outdoor sheds: wood, resin and metal and each has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden Storage Sheds
Wood is the most traditional material used in storage shed kits. They are easy to match other buildings and are customizable inside. Cabinets and shelves are easily hung from the walls or overhead to offer additional storage options; and the outside can be dressed up using features like flower boxes or cupolas. The disadvantages to wood as a choice include an unfinished interior and it is more expensive than resin or metal.

Resin Storage Sheds
Resin may have different names depending on your shopping location. It may also be referred to as plastic or polyethylene. This is one of the newest types of materials used for stand-alone structures and it is gaining in popularity. The material resists stains and UV-protected. They will not fade, rot, rust or crack and won’t need to be stained or painted like wood. They have a decorative element, but can’t be painted to match other structures.

Metal Storage Sheds
Metal may be either galvanized aluminum or steel. They are one of the oldest types of storage shed kits around. They are the least expensive option but they are not as strong as the other two choices. Due to the high winds and storms that blow through the New, Jersey area, the metal shed will need to be anchored securely. They are also easily dented and they tend to rust. They are available in different colors and they can be painted to match other structures at Sheds for Sale New Jersey.

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