Choosing The Right Unit For Commercial Refrigeration System Installation In Dayton, OH

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Feb, 2019


Selecting the right unit for commercial refrigeration system installation in Dayton OH isn’t easy for an inexperienced person. Some people just rely on contractors to do everything for them. That really isn’t the best course of action. Anyone who is spending a lot of money on something should do some research so they can make an informed decision.

The Material

When choosing a commercial refrigeration system installation in Dayton OH, the material is a top consideration. The best material for a refrigeration unit is stainless steel. A thick gauge will give a buyer everything they want. Stainless steel is extremely easy to clean and is very durable. Stainless steel should make up both the inside and outside of the refrigeration system. Some refrigeration units have stainless steel exteriors but have interiors that are made from other materials. Anyone who wants a great system can check out

The Insulation

Insulation is extremely important to a refrigeration unit. Without proper insulation, the unit will have to work much harder to stay cool. Insulation needs to be at least a couple inches thick to be considered good. Insulation that has been sprayed in place is superior to other types. Spray insulation gets to areas other types of insulation just can’t reach. Block insulation can have gaps that cause cool air to escape.

The Handle

Another area of concern is the door’s handle. This is a part of the door that is often not considered. A recessed handle is the best option for a unit’s door. That’s because it’s actually part of the door, not an attachment. An attached handle can become loose or break off the door. With a recessed handle, there won’t ever be any problems that require it to be fixed. Having one less thing to fix is always good for a busy business. A handle that breaks off during the middle of a busy day can cause a lot of problems.

Once a person does some research, they can quickly find out what they need to talk to their contractor about. A buyer can make sure they really get the most for their money.

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