Cleaning Tension Springs And Repairs And Installations Provided By A Garage Door Service In Minneapolis MN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Tension springs that are secured to an electric garage door need to be cleaned occasionally so that they continue to operate efficiently. If springs become rusted or if dirt accumulates on their surface, a garage door may be difficult to open and close. The steps below will assist with cleaning metal springs and eliminating corrosion from their exterior.


• stepladder

• duster

• portable vacuum cleaner (hose attachment)

• rust dissolving agent

• sponge

• detergent

• water

• cloth

• rust inhibiting gel or spray

• paintbrush

Remove Dirty Buildup And Apply Soapy Water

A stepladder should be placed next to the interior side of a garage door. While standing on a ladder, a duster can be used to remove loose dirt that is stuck on tension springs. If there is dirty buildup that is stuck in crevices, a portable vacuum cleaner’s hose can be used to collect residue.

Soapy water should be applied to a soft sponge. A sponge needs to be wiped across tension springs. After rinsing out a sponge with warm water, a sponge should be wiped across metal. A cloth can be used to dry metal.

Eliminate Rust And Apply An Inhibitor

If metal is corroded, a rust dissolving agent can be applied to tension springs. After spraying an agent onto a cloth, a cloth should be wiped across rust spots. Rust will not dissolve immediately. A dissolving agent should remain on metal for as long as necessary.

After rust begins to loosen, a damp sponge should be wiped across metal. If a dissolving agent doesn’t effectively eliminate rust, a second treatment should be applied. After metal has dried, a rust inhibiting gel or spray should be applied to tension springs. A paintbrush or cloth can be used to apply a gel or spray. An inhibitor will prevent metal from corroding.

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