Clear Goals of Any Video Service in Lexington, KY While in the Editing Bay

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Business


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Video editors do not get enough credit in filming corporate videos and other forms of video content. They can often create an emotion from nothing by adding an extended pause. They can salvage a shot that was borderline scrapped, and they create a pacing and tweak it with emotional resonance through the entire piece of work. A Video Service in Lexington KY, as three clear goals, while specifically editing content.

Take the Footage and Keep to the Story

Every frame and every piece of dialogue should enhance the story being told. Granted, that story could be a two-minute advertisement or tutorial on a piece of software, but it is still some kind of narrative. Editors tend to trim the content down to its essential pieces. Is this servicing the larger point? Is it adding to the story? A lot of these questions are asked during the filming and script writing, but some elements may fall between the cracks. The editor is often the last stop for seeing how the video works in its final form. They can spot gaffs, inconsistencies, and issues that degrade the final product. If an editor can see it, the viewers may likely see it as well.

One Shot Over Another

A Video Service in Lexington KY makes the important decision to choose one take over another, and that is an essential skill. They can figure out which one is the most effective, and they can spot small little things that go unnoticed. The actor looked at the camera for a split second. The boom mic got in the frame ever-so-slightly. A cat meowed in the background. Who brought that cat? They decide which take is best, and they then act to tinker with it for the better.

Reaching these goals in a project takes time and practice, and it is not something just anyone can do. Many companies like to work on their own video content, and they are subsequently surprised when it does not work well. Reach out to First String Media Productions to find out how editing tricks can turn a good video idea into a great video.

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