Coming to Grips with Silicone Swim Caps

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2016


For competitive, and even recreational, swimmers, wearing a swimming cap is very common. It’s a regular part of most swimming bags, along with goggles, and provides a number of advantages.

Swimming caps are available in a range of materials, textures and colors, including silicone, lycra and latex. Lycra is certainly the cheaper option, but it can tear or rip more easily. Silicone swim caps are the most durable but also the most expensive.

It’s important to find a swimming cap that fits you comfortably, as it needs to be a tight fit in order to work properly. If you are allergic to certain materials, you should choose a swimming cap with this in mind.

The Advantages of Swimming Caps

Swimming caps offer the following benefits:

  • Protection from chemicals: If you swim regularly, the chances are that you’re aware of just how much damage chlorine can do to your hair over time. When in contact with chlorine regularly, the hair can become dry and brittle. In some cases, it can even discolor and become matted if not washed correctly. You can limit the damage done to your hair by chlorine and other pool chemicals if you wear a swimming cap regularly. Silicone swim caps are the most durable and are likely to protect your hair more effectively when worn correctly.
  • Streamlining: A swimming cap will improve the streamlining of your body through the water and minimize drag. This is of the most benefit to athletes and competitive swimmers looking to achieve the fastest lap times possible, but even for casual lap swimmers, it can reduce muscle exhaustion.
  • Clearing your vision: Wearing a swimming cap also means that your hair, particularly if it is long, will not get in your face when swimming. This means a more pleasant lap swimming experience, and for athletes, a less distracting race! The snug fit of silicone swim caps makes them a good choice in this regard.
  • Making goggles easier: If you’ve ever had to swim with goggles, you’ll know that an ill-fitting pair can be a nightmare to deal with. Water either leaks into them, or you find that you are constantly having to adjust them because they are slipping on your hair and pulling at it. But if you are wearing a swimming cap, the strap of your goggles can actually sit on the cap material. This means that your hair isn’t being pulled, and the friction of one material against another will keep them more firmly in place for longer. Overall, this makes for a much more comfortable and productive swim for you.

Swim Well with a Swimming Cap

If you swim regularly and have never tried a swimming cap, it’s time to check them out. They are not costly and can provide some great benefits, making your swim, whether competitive or casual, a much more pleasant experience.

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