Commercial Floor Coating Reduces Cost of Floor Maintenance

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


Having a professional look to your garage, shop and work area is important. It is even more important in restaurants, new car dealerships, medical offices and retail outlets. However, in addition to just looking great it is also important for the floor to be durable and low maintenance.

Traditionally, these types of heavy traffic floors tend to have high maintenance requirements to retain their shine and to prevent dulling and discoloration in high traffic areas. This many include routine industrial polishing and surface treatment that can result in high costs that reoccur every few months throughout the life of the floor.

A Better Alternative

One simple solution or alternative to the high cost of maintenance for some industrial flooring options is to use a commercial floor coating. This new technology in epoxy coating systems provides a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) flooring option that is a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) compliant.

This is a beautiful, durable and economical option to other industrial flooring alternatives. It is extremely low maintenance. All that is required is regular sweeping or blowing of the surface and mopping or washing the floor with hot water and neutral pH cleaner on heavily soiled areas. It is also a good idea to use a pressurized hose and a squeegee to remove the dirt from the surface and push it outside of the building when possible.

Spot cleaning is also possible. Quickly wiping up spills including oil, grease or other types of chemicals or liquids will virtually eliminate the need to clean more than must the immediate area of the spill. Use a dry cloth to pick up the excess liquid and then follow with warm water to pick and a pH neutral cleaner if needed.


Stain resistant and incredibly durable, the granite, terrazzo or quartz finishes possible with high quality commercial floor coating will last for years. Depending on the color selected there may be a slight yellowing of the surface clear coat with extensive exposure to UV light. Keeping garage or bay doors closed will offset this issue. If there will be extensive exposure to sunlight, just talk to the installer and choose a commercial floor coating with higher levels of UV protection to minimize any risk.

The quality of the floor coating and the amazing results will provide your building with the look of a real granite, terrazzo or quartz floor. Different colors and pattern options are possible to create a quality look that is amazingly low maintenance even in manufacturing and automotive repair settings.

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