Common Car And Light Truck Suspension Problems

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Automotive


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The suspension components on a vehicle include a number of important components including springs, shock absorbers, upper and lower control arms, stabilizer bar, ball joints and more. All of these components work in harmony to isolate the vehicle from the pounding it gets from hitting potholes, driving over level railroad crossings and debris that is often hard to avoid.

With the suspension taking this kind of abuse, it is little wonder that any of these components can be damaged or fail as a result of long term use. When this happens the vehicle owner must arrange to take the vehicle in to his or her favorite service center. When you start to hear odd noises or sense the vehicle is riding harder than usual, it is time for suspension repair in Mokena.

There are problems that commonly occur and can be repaired quickly and efficiently:

Wheel alignment: The alignment of the front wheels is critical, it may not look like it but the wheels must have the correct toe-in, camber and caster. If they are not the car will tend to wander or pull to one side and the tires will certainly wear out far quicker than they should. Alignment problems usually happen when the vehicle runs up against a curb or hits a pothole.

Shock absorbers: Shock absorbers are basically dampers; worn shocks are a common problem that calls for suspension repair in Mokena. As they wear the car will tend to bounce and the ride will rapidly diminish in quality because the tires will not stay on the road surface as they should.

Springs: Although it does not happen all that often, springs can break or begin to lose their ability to hold the weight of the car. You can usually tell if there is a problem with a spring as the car will sit lower on one corner.

If you think you have a problem with any of the suspension components on your car or light truck, do not delay getting suspension repair in Mokena. Faulty suspension can lead to fatal accidents.

Any delay in suspension repair in Mokena can be dangerous as your car will not respond immediately to your commands. If you think you have a problem you are invited to take your car to VIP Tire & Auto Centers. Visit them online at

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