Common Issues That Require Garage Door Repair in Newton MA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2020


The garage door contains a complex mechanism comprising of strong cables, gears, and wires that have to work in tandem with each other. If anything stops working properly, the entire garage door system is likely to fail. Certain common garage doors, such as the roller shutter garage door, have become incredibly popular in the past couple of decades. Roller shutter garage doors not only look good, but they are also easy to maintain. However, in case there’s an issue and the garage door stops opening or closing properly, you will need to call a professional for the fix. Here are some common issues that require professional garage door repair in Newton MA.

Door Gets Stuck Midway

If the garage door gets stuck midway every time you try to open it, there’s probably an issue with the gears. Instead of tampering with the garage door, you might want to call a professional company that specializes in garage door repair. You can set an appointment with them and call them over to your place to repair the garage doors.

Door Refuses to Budge

If the garage door gets stuck in its position and won’t budge, there might be an issue with the receiver or transponder. Or, if it doesn’t respond at all, something might be stuck within the mechanism. If you have experience in repairing garage doors and know about the mechanism inside, only then should you tamper with it. Otherwise, it’s best if you rely on the services of a garage door repair company to get the repair work done. These are a few common issues that are likely to arise in your garage door.

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