Common Questions Window Installers In Waukesha, Wisconsin Can Answer

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jan, 2018


In Wisconsin, new window installations require efforts on the homeowner’s part as well as the contractor’s. The homeowner must contact their contractor at the first sign of damage. Immediate action lowers the chances of more severe issues. Window Installers in Waukesha Wisconsin can answer common questions about installations and preparations.

Does the Homeowner Need to be Home During the Installation?

Yes, at least one member of the household should be present when the installation team arrives. The contractors will have questions that require answers about the window and the removal of the older window. The homeowner or a member of the family is also required to sign off on the installation.

What Do Installers Do to Increase Energy Efficiency?

The contractors replace the insulation around the windows each time a new window is installed. The insulation prevents exterior air from entering the property. Next, they anchor the window and apply a sealant around the entire window installation area. Rainwater will not penetrate the seal or cause moisture to affect the framing. The effects of keeping the windows sealed properly can increase energy efficiency effectively.

What Should the Homeowner Do Before the Installation?

All security sensors and draperies should be removed from the windows. Any items near the window or in the path leading to the window should be removed. The new window is heavy and requires a clear path for the crew to bring it into the target space. The homeowner should ensure that the crew can walk through the property with the window without issues.

Does the Property Owner have to Worry About Debris After the Installation?

No, the installation crew provides waste management services for the property owner. All debris from the existing window is removed. Any scrap or materials left over after the window installation are also removed.

In Wisconsin, property owners who replace damaged windows avoid common issues such as excessive moisture in their home. Cracks and breaks can cause higher energy consumption and compromise the security of the home. Property owners who need the services of Window Installers in Waukesha Wisconsin can get more information right now.

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