Common Types of Industrial Welding Services

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Mar, 2019


Many changes have taken place in the industrial welding field over the years. Today, various welding machines perform a wide range of welding tasks. The techniques used by welders have become more diverse as the number of different tools used for welding has expanded. Some of the most common methods used under the banner of industrial welding services are described below.

Gas Welding
A combination of oxygen and fuel gases is used in the gas welding method to cut or weld metals. The process involves the use of a high-temperature flame that is able to melt steel. The process is used often for metal cutting, brazing soft metals, and maintenance work.

MIG Welding
As a sub category of gas metal arc welding, MIG welding uses an electric arc forms between the heat source/electrode and the metal being welded. The generated heat melts the metal infuses it with the electrode. The weld is shielded from contaminants through the inert gas that flows through the welding gun, which is typically CO2.

TIG Welding
Industrial welding services include tungsten inert gas, or TIG welding, as a subcategory of gas tungsten arc brazing. The soldiering gun uses tungsten as the conducting electrode in this welding process. An arc that is created by highly ionized inert gases and metal vapors is shielded from contamination by the inert gas is slower welding process but also yields stronger and higher quality welds little grinding your sanding is required after this weld is performed due to its superior finish.

Arc Welding
Is the most basic industrial welding technique, arc welding is performed with a constant source of director alternating current to deliver a high energy weld. This type of welding method can be used with heavy metals, and is used often for the fabrication of steel structures and repair work.

Resistance Welding
This welding process consists of two pieces of metal placed on top of each other with the welding spot pressed in the middle of two electrodes. The electricity moving from one electrode to the other is halted momentarily by the very small gap between the two metal pieces. Due to the heat created, the two pieces of metal fuse at that location. The resistance spot weld is then completed as pressure is applied.

In conclusion, industrial welding services are beneficial for many industry sectors and are an integral part of the fabrication industry.

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