Commonly Asked Questions About Landscape Design In Fairfield, CT

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2017


In Connecticut, property owners choose to install landscaping designs to improve the aesthetics of their property. The designs include plants and trees that could present a bouquet of colors that make the property elegant and beautiful. A local provider offers Landscape Design in Fairfield CT for these property owners.

Can Designers Provide Seasonal Designs?

Yes, the landscaping designers provide these concepts for seasonal requirements, and the homeowner will keep a beautiful yard throughout the year. The prime seasons to install the designs are in the spring and fall; however, property owners won’t face limitations if they choose to change their designs.

Why are Irrigation Systems Vital for Property Owners?

Irrigation systems are installed to distribute adequate water levels throughout the lawn and landscaping design. The property owner can switch the system on and off as they see fit, and they can set up the timer to distribute the water according to their preferred schedule. The landscaping designer can also use the irrigation systems to distribute fertilizer and chemicals needed for the lawn and these plants.

How Often are Maintenance Services Performed?

The maintenance schedule set up for maintaining the landscaping design and/or the lawn is based on the requirements of these installations. The landscaper provides their recommendations for maintenance to the property owner, and the owner determines what services are within their budget. The services can be performed weekly, twice a month, or monthly based on the design’s requirements.

Do Landscaping Designers Charge Any Fees for Consultations?

No, typically, the landscaping designer doesn’t charge any fees upfront for the consultation. During this meeting, the landscaper evaluates the property and provides the owner with a design concept for their property. The landscaper may also provide an estimate for the services based on the cost of the overall project.

In Connecticut, property owners select landscaping designs based on the right fit for their property. Landscaping professionals provide access to a multitude of concepts that could improve the overall aesthetics of the property and increase its value. Property owners who want to acquire a Landscape Design in Fairfield CT can contact Giglio Landscape Services LLC for more info now.

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