Comparing Dubai Law Firms

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2017


There are many different options in law firms in Dubai, just as there are in any city or town across the UAE or throughout the world. At STA Law, we provide a host of different services for our clients in a wide range of different areas of practice.

To help our clients and potential clients understand the differences in the various options in legal counsel available in Dubai, let’s take a closer look at the services we offer that may not be available in other law firms.

Ability to Litigate if Necessary

STA Law is a law firm that is designated as Advocates & Legal Counsel. This means that our team of attorneys can provide legal consultation and services to help businesses in all aspects of their work including startups, free zone applications, sponsorship Memorandum of Association documents, trademarks, construction, banking and financing, intellectual property, mergers, and acquisitions and with employment and labor law.

We are also approved and licensed to appear in the civil court in Dubai, which means that our firm can move from dispute resolution to litigation if necessary. We have the expertise and experience in preparing cases in court both in the UAE and in international legal matters.

Expertise and Practice Areas

STA Law is able to offer a comprehensive corporate and criminal law practice through our experienced teams of attorneys, each with their own practice specializations.

This expertise is located throughout our network of offices including throughout the Middle East, Germany, Russia, Bahrain, Qatar as well as Portugal. Each office provides experienced attorneys familiar with both the national law in their respective areas as well as in international law.

With this level of expertise and international law experience, our firm is uniquely able to provide legal services to businesses and individuals, which is very different than working with a local law office with limited resources and attorney expertise. Visit the website for more information.

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