Comparing Options In Isolation Transformer Manufacturers

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


Not all circuits require an isolation transformer, but it can be an essential component in many different systems to prevent the risk of electric shock or to eliminate electronic noise that can damage a wide range of electronic parts and devices. Additionally, the isolation transformer is also used when there are two circuits that cannot be connected, and with specialized insulation preventing the windings from any contact, this type of isolation is not difficult to provide.

The way the isolation transformer operates is to block the DC component in the electronic signal while allowing the AC component to pass through the transformer unimpeded. This is completed using a one to one primary to secondary winding ratio throughout the transformer design.

Custom Requirements

While there are several isolation transformer manufacturers who provide off the shelf, standardized types of transformers, not all are able to make custom transformers.

As custom isolation transformers can provide more specific protection for equipment and for equipment operators, choosing a custom design and manufacturing company offers several benefits.

The best isolation transformer manufacturers have the ability to work directly with the customer to create the ideal configuration for the transformer based on the specific application. They are also able to effectively select the best materials and design for the transformer to provide the highest efficiency, duty cycle and ability to work in various types of environments and systems.

Expertise and Reputation

Before selecting from isolation transformer manufacturers, take the time to review the company’s reputation and areas of expertise. Some of the top transformer manufacturers in the United States have decades in the industry and have worked across industries with both standard as well as fully customized isolation transformer projects.

Check the company for the quality of their products as well as the ability to deliver the components on time and on budget. Companies that feature in-house engineering services are always an advantage and ensure all of the transformers produced to meet the necessary standards.

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