Components that Are Inspected During Heat Pump Maintenance in Wichita Kansas

Posted By : admin , on Sep, 2014


Heating is a primary concern during the winter. But like all mechanical things, the heating pump needs regular maintenance to ensure that is working correctly during this time of high demand. Without the use of the pump, the heat can’t circulate properly in the home. Thus, you lose your primary means of heating if you are relying on that pump to work. These are some of the things that regular maintenance will address to keep this pump operational.

One of the components of Heat Pump Maintenance in Wichita Kansas is to check the air flow through the pump. If the air flow is inadequate, then the temperature in your home will never get high enough to keep you warm. Additionally, a poor air flow can hurt the pump because part of this air flow is used to keep the pump cool during operations. This process also involves inspecting duct work and filters to make sure the air can flow freely.

Another component of maintenance is checking for leaks from the pump. Leaks in the system can require the pump to work more to maintain the same temperature. As a result, the amount of electricity needed for your heat pump can go up. This adds extra cost to your heating bill. Plus, the pump is leaking heat to an area where is not needed. Thus, any leaks need to be identified and repaired to ensure maximum efficiency of your heat pump.

Because your heat pump needs electricity, another part of heat pump maintenance service in Wichita Kansas is to ensure that the electrical wiring is intact and properly insulated. Damaged wiring needs to be replaced because it could spark a fire. Additionally, bad connections can cause your heat pump to have problems with staying or cycling properly.

These are a few items that regular maintenance on your heat pump addresses. It is important to get that maintenance done because it will help make sure your heat pump is working properly and efficiently. If you need to schedule maintenance for your heat pump, contact Kelley and Dawson Service. They will ensure that your pump is operating correctly for the upcoming winter.

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