Comprehensive Pet Health Center in Fairfax Station VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2019


Going into a veterinarian office with a sick or wounded pet is stressful for the owner and traumatizing for the pet. It often consists of a temporary fix, some orders for testing, and a waiting game until the test results come back. During the waiting period the pet may be in pain, become sicker, or be susceptible to infection if a wound is simply bandaged. The truth is most offices are designed for wellness care, vaccinations, common illnesses, and dental care.

Health Centers

Many veterinarians and communities are working together to provide more complete care for pets all in one place. One Pet Health Center in Fairfax Station VA, Crosspointe Animal Hospital, is a prime example of a one-stop solution for pet care needs. Services provided include preventative and wellness care, such as vaccinations, annual medical and dental examinations, flea dips, and heart-worm treatments. State-of-the-art diagnostic testing means no waiting days for results, so surgeries are performed immediately, and bones can be reset at the original appointment.

Other Services

Grooming and boarding services are also offered, which goes beyond typical services offered at the average Pet health Center in Fairfax Station VA. The boarding area consists of individual indoor kennels, two enclosed yards for exercise and play, and is kept at a consistent temperature of seventy-two degrees. Professionally trained staff care for animals boarded, provide at least three walks a day for dogs, and feed pets a diet of rice and meat designed to be gentle on nervous stomachs.


In addition to comprehensive care, the hours of operation also provide convenience to pet owners. The hospital opens early in the morning and remains open into the late evening hours to accommodate owner schedules and be available in cases of emergencies. Pet owners can find details on hours, services, and boarding requirements online. There are also coupons available on the website.

Taking pets to one place for all needs reduces trauma, allows them to become familiar with the same staff and same spaces, and increases comfort when boarding is necessary. Pets are one of the family and taking extra care to tend to their needs makes sense. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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