Concepts Managed By A Probate Law Lawyer In Reno, NV

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


In Nevada, estate owners acquire assistance through attorneys who understand the probate process. They help the estate owner evaluate concepts that affect their estate in the future. A Probate Law Lawyer in Reno NV provides guidance for these estate owners today.

Reducing Tax Liabilities for the Family

Tax liabilities present serious issues for families. They impose hefty inheritance taxes after they acquire assets through a will. The first defense against these taxes is to assign ownership while the estate owner is still alive. Any property that is transferred early doesn’t incur any inheritance taxes in the future. It becomes separate from the estate entirely.

Decreasing the Risk of Seizure and Liens

The estate owner may create an account to settle any outstanding balances. These accounts are distributed according to the estate owner’s wishes. They designate where the money goes and what debts are settled. Select insurance options are also available for these purposes.

Should the Owner Have an Irrevocable Trust?

The estate owner receives amazing benefits from an irrevocable trust. They prevent the seizure of assets and properties through this process. The items are placed into the trust and are no longer a part of the estate. This reduces the probability of further issues for the estate owner. The beneficiary they give ownership takes possession after the estate owner dies. A spouse is the only individual who can disputes decisions about these trusts.

What are the Advantages of Creating a Will?

A will designates the estate owner’s wishes for their property and assets. It also assigns guardianship if they have minor children. The owner can create provisions about these assignments. This may include stipulations about selling real estate or how a trust fund is managed. This tactics protect the assets after the owner dies.

In Nevada, estate owners acquire protection through an estate plan. These plans help them to make decisions about their estate while they are alive. It prevents issues among family members and prevents creditors from filing a lien against key properties. Owners who need to discuss their estate with a Probate Law Lawyer in Reno NV should contact The Law Office of Todd L. Torvinen to schedule an appointment today.

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