Conducting Water Damage Repair in Willow Grove PA

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Home and Garden


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When a home suffers from a water heater leak, doing Water Damage Repair in Willow Grove PA may be imminent. The area where the water heater was located will need to be cleaned in its entirety to avoid damage to the structure of the home. This is usually done by a professional water damage specialist. If a specialist is not readily available, the homeowner may need to take matters into their own hands in starting the process in an attempt to salvage belongings and the home.

First, the water heater needs to be shut off completely, so water does not continue to pour into the room. This can be done by turning off the circuit breaker to the water heater at the make breaker panel. Turn the water valves on the wall behind the water heater to the right so water no longer feeds the unit.

The water will need to be pumped out of the home to start the cleanup process. Plug in a water pump in an area away from the water heater to reduce the risk of an electrical shock while working with the equipment. Place one end of a garden hose on the pump and place the other end out a window or door so the water is redirected away from the foundation of the home.

Place any personal belongings outside in the sun to start the drying process. Pieces of furniture can be turned upside down to aid in water removal. The room will need to be dried in its entirety using fans or a dehumidifier. Open the windows and doors to allow air from outdoors to help in drying the room. The carpeting should be removed and cleaned professionally to help avoid mold from growing. If any drywall became wet during the leak, remove it from the walls and replace with new pieces after the room is dry.

At the first signs of a leak, call a Water Damage Repair in Willow Grove PA to come to the home immediately. They will work fast in removing items from the area and start the clean up process needed to help save the structure of the building. Contact ServiceMaster of Jenkintown to find out more about water damage and how to work at cleaning an area promptly.

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