Connect Your Software and Data with API Integration

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


A lot of businesses need the ability to connect their software and data with API integration services. If you find your business requires such services you need to contact a competent API Developer in Atlanta. They have the knowledge and services you need to allow software platforms to speak with one another. Both platforms will be able to send and collect data from each other. You need API integration so you can ensure that important data reaches all of the proper parties and is able to talk to a multitude of other software. A plethora of companies already use API integration online. Being able to connect to existing software, third party platforms, and other vendors allows you to become streamlined. It sanctions a better business platform with enhanced customer experience, information, real-time data and much more.

Where Are APIs?

APIs can be found everywhere. Most businesses are already connected across many different types of software and apps. Such apps can include shopping carts, invoicing apps, product database, and credit card processing apps to name a few. The list of software that can be utilized in this manner is expansive, if not endless. In order to get the full extent from such software you need the proper API tools to make it all work together. If they aren’t working together, then you are wasting man-power with manual and redundant work. This is especially true for online eCommerce businesses. It is crucial that you use API integration to streamline your business. Get your software connected so you can save time and money using automation.

What Is a Shipping API?

When you need the ability to send and receive information from a shipping supplier including the U.S. Postal Service, then you need a shipping API. This type of API allows your end customers to receive accurate shipping pricing in real-time, and in a hurry. Essentially this API takes the guess work out of how much to charge for various shipping packages that are offered by innumerable shipping suppliers. Shipping suppliers can include FedEx Integration and USPS Integration.

What Are Retailer and Accounting Integration APIs?

If you do not want to worry about manual data entry when it comes to your retailers then you want to incorporate retailer integration API programs that allow your company to organize inventory and product information. With this type of API you can easily work well with Amazon and eBay. As far as accounting integration API goes, information is pushed from a software platform to a central accounting system. This simplifies bookkeeping tasks quickly, efficiently, and automatically. It is easily integrated with programs such as QuickBooks.

White Sunrise, LLC is an API developer in Atlanta that can assist you with all of your API requirements. Contact them today to learn more about their services.

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