Consider A Fire Pit To Warm Up Your Evenings

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


Most people would love to create the perfect backyard, complete with entertainment options, grills and more. However, during the colder months, they may put everything in storage and have to wait for summer and spring again. It’s a saddening thought for most people, as they want to enjoy the outdoors all year round. However, a fire pit can help them achieve their goals, as they can add style and warmth to the area. You can all huddle around these pits to stay warm, toast marshmallows and enjoy the beauty of your backyard even more.


Primarily, fire pits come in a variety of sizes and shapes, though the most popular design includes a shallow but large bowl in which to build a fire, all supported by a stand. Many times, the bowl sits closer to the ground to give a campfire feel, but they can sit taller to be a knee-height.

The Chimenea is an attractive design that contains a smaller fire. It is a portable fireplace for the outdoors and is usually made of terra cotta. The wood-burning fire pit, which can be found in a variety of designs at Entanglements, is always a popular choice, as well, because it’s one of the least expensive options and is easy to operate.

Heat Options

Again, wood is always a popular choice because it’s easy to find if you live in a wooded area, and is the least expensive to purchase. However, some ordinances won’t allow wood burning, so it’s best to find out what your local ordinance says and the rules governing burning.

Other heating options include natural gas and propane. These are usually more expensive to purchase, and you’ll have to spend money on the fuel, as well. Natural gas versions are permanent and will need to be connected to your gas line, while propane options can be portable.

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